The effects of the flooding crisis in British Columbia have been felt all the way here in Estevan, though on a much lower scale.

The restaurant industry has been impacted, with Tower Cafe owner Pete Sereggela saying he's noticed some supply chain issues, particularly with a key ingredient on their pizzas.

"One of our toughest items to get is fresh mushrooms," Sereggela said. Fresh mushrooms come from BC, and we use a lot of mushrooms on our pizzas. We've had to find other ways to source it."

Sereggela said that the cost to get the mushrooms has gone up due to different shipping procedures and suppliers having to take alternate routes or alternate transportation methods to get them to Saskatchewan.

He said there was a period of time earlier this year where his restaurant had to get mushrooms locally instead of from their regular suppliers.

"There was a while there that we did get shorted, it was about a two-week stint. So we were actually able to get some mushrooms from local grocers who were sourcing them from other places, but our suppliers themselves were out for about a two-week period."

Sereggela added that a lot of the fruits his restaurant brings in have also been impacted by shipping changes, but that this actually might be a benefit.

"A lot of the fruits that we get, even if they come from California or wherever, they come up through BC first and then get shipped out this way, so they've just been re-routed and go to different warehouses," he said. 

"It's just a change of process...we may actually be getting better products now. Everything from Florida oranges, strawberries, all that stuff."