Deputy Chief Murray Cowan has been appointed Deputy Commissioner and Chief Firearms Officer by The Saskatchewan Firearms Office (SFO). 

Cowan will begin the new position starting April 1, just one day after his official retirement date from the Estevan Police Service.   

In his new role, Cowan will oversee the central administration of the SFO and report to the Commissioner. Robert Freberg, Saskatchewan Firearms Commissioner, will oversee the entire SFO and be responsible for external relationships and advocacy, strategic planning, and advancing government priorities.  

“Keeping Saskatchewan people safe and promoting responsible firearm usage and storage are critical priorities for our government,” Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Minister Paul Merriman said in the release. 

Hunting with his father since a young age, Cowan has a passion for firearms and firearm safety. He said that his parents were insistent that he had completed all the safety training before it was mandatory. This is something that has stuck with him until this day.  

“Going through my policing career, and time in the military, I’ve had some formal firearms training. I have handled a lot of guns over the years, many different variations and so it’s something I’m very passionate about,” said Cowan.   

"We are thrilled to welcome Murray to our team," Commissioner Freberg said in the release. "His breadth of experience, firearms knowledge, and deep understanding of the Saskatchewan people we serve will be instrumental in guiding our office toward achieving our objectives and delivering effective programming." 

Cowan said he is excited to take this next step in his career. He added that he has a lot to learn, but his police and hunting background will be a benefit. The new role will allow him to continue being a leader and continue partnerships with those he had during his time as deputy chief as well as on the Association of Chiefs of Police.  

The SFO is responsible for supporting safe communities by managing the ownership, purchase, movement, and use of firearms within the province through the administration of federal firearms legislation. As well as promoting responsible firearm ownership.  

"If there is anything I would want to do post-retirement, it would be along these lines. You know, firearms, or outdoors-related. It’s just something that I love and love to do, so it’s right up my alley,” said Cowan. “I’m very thrilled to be able to focus on, you know supporting the community and the firearms community. I know we all share the same passion and same drive, and of course, the impact that we’ve experienced over the years with that,” said Cowan.