As harsh winds and blowing snow look like they'll be bearing down on southern Saskatchewan, similarly to earlier this week, travel may become inadvisable in some parts.

For those who absolutely have to travel, that can be tricky, as with the fast-blowing snow visibility can become non-existent.

That's why SGI spokesperson Tyler McMurchy says the first step in making a plan to travel is to figure out whether it's absolutely necessary.

"First of all, you should decide as to whether or not you actually have to be on the road. You should make an informed decision, check the highway hotline, check the forecast," said McMurchy, "listening to the radio is always a good way to do that. Just understand the conditions that you may be dealing with should you decide to head out on the road."

The next step is making sure that you prepare adequately before you leave to brave the weather.

While that usually means packing the right things and making sure your vehicle is in good shape, McMurchy suggests you put in another resource: your time.

"You might have to leave early, just understand that if you are going to be driving in really adverse winter driving conditions that are going to require you to slow down and so it'll take you more time to get there. Keeping in mind that whoever you are seeing or whatever you're going to do," said McMurchy, "I think people would rather see you there late than not at all"

He also recommends giving extra distance to other cars, making sure your windows and lights are clear, and to give extra time braking.

If the worst does happen and you end up in the ditch, he's also got advice for that.

"Always stay with your vehicle because a blizzard is nothing to be venturing out in, you should stay in your vehicle and wait for help. We always encourage people to make sure that they have an emergency kit pack. Hopefully, you've got a fully charged cell phone so you can call for help, just stay in your vehicle," said McMurchy, "You might have to wait it out a little so be prepared if you have to do so."