As the 10th annual Walk to Make Cystic Fibrosis (CF) History approaches, Estevan residents are eagerly preparing for a day filled with community spirit and hope for those battling CF.

Kacey McIntyre, the main organizer for the event scheduled for May 26, shared her excitement for this year's walk in an interview on SUN 102 alongside her son Liam, who bravely battles CF. "The walk will follow the usual scenic trails (Preddy Trails), but this year, we're excited to announce a new location by Met Stadium with their binzebo set up in the park. It's a new addition, and we're eager to make use of it," McIntyre explained.

The day's schedule will include registration and breakfast at 9:00 AM, opening ceremonies at 10:30, followed by the walk at 11:00. A BBQ lunch, courtesy of No Frills, and a silent auction will round off the day's events, culminating in closing ceremonies around 2:00 PM. McIntyre underscored the importance of timely registration for interested participants eager to join Estevan's Walk to Make CF History. Register online through the official event website at MacIntyre also noted that a $10 fee will be needed to access the park. 

Using #steptoward on social media is one of the ways to help support the fight against CF in Estevan this year. A bottle drive has been set up as well, leading into the event.

Liam, a young champion for the cause, will once again lead a city-wide lemonade and iced tea sale with his friends. "It'll be happening on Saturday, May 18th, from 11 AM to 4 PM. We'll also be selling iced tea for $2 a glass, and of course, people are welcome to donate more if they'd like," Liam shared. The sale will operate at two locations: Dennis Moore Centennial Park on Souris Ave and across from Kin Park at 805 Henry St.

Additionally, mark your calendars for a fundraising BBQ on May 24 from 11 to 2, at the Estevan Southern Plains Co-op grocery store location.

As the 10th annual Walk to Make Cystic Fibrosis History draws near, the Estevan community stands united in its commitment to supporting those affected by CF. From the walk to participating in fundraising initiatives such as the bottle drive and Liam's lemonade/iced tea sale, the community's collective efforts exemplify their unwavering dedication to making a difference. As Estevan prepares to come together for this important event, it serves as a poignant reminder that, by stepping forward as one, we can continue to make strides towards a future free from cystic fibrosis.