There is an impressive mix of items that you can still save hundreds of dollars on in the DiscoverEstevan Online Auction.

Good news if you're a fan of jewellery, sports, recreation, art, or water. You can make out like a bandit with some of the following deals.

1. A & A Jewellery

There's a good chance that either you wouldn't mind adding some beautiful jewellery to your collection, or you are close to someone in that boat. 

Take advantage of massive savings on a variety of prizes from the community pillar, A & A Jewellery.

- 10KT Yellow Gold and Amethyst Ring - value: $795, current price: $318

a ring

- Hillberg & Berk Gemstone Set - value: $475, current price: $190

gemstone set

You can save on other items from A & A Jewellery, including 20 gift certificates valued at $50. Click here for the full list.

2. Estevan Combat Sports and Fitness

There are several types of combat sports you can train in with Estevan Combat Sports and Fitness.

ECSF offers Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA, and Kid's Bullyproof classes. Several 10-pass punch packs valued at $100 could be yours for $40. 

It's a great way to get in shape and an excellent item to benefit the full family.

Click here to bid on punch passes from ECSF

3. Photography

You can really add some flavour to your living room, kitchen, or bedroom with some new art on the wall.

How about this piece from Byron Fichter Fotography? "Hailey Jo" from Tignish, PEI could be docked in your home with a bid as low as $178. It's valued at $445.

a boat at a dock

You can also feature your family, friends, or pet on your wall with a session from Kennedy from This Moment Photography. 

There are a variety of sessions valued at $200 available for $80.

This Moment Photography is an inclusive studio, welcoming all bodies and couples. Kennedy specializes in portraits, weddings, family boudoir, empowerment sessions, and more. Find the list of gift certificates for This Moment Photography here.

4. Reverse Osmosis System

Here's an addition to make your residence one of luxury, and it's not going to cost you and arm or a leg.

You can purchase a reverse-osmosis system for your water, from Johnson Plumbing and Heating, for just $228.

The Purevalue 5EZ50 Reverse Osmosis 5 Stage Drinking Water Purifier has a value of $569 and can handle a load of 50 gallons per day. Check it out here.

5. E-Bike

Like to go for a bike ride, but have the option of giving your legs a rest? Then an e-bike sounds like a great thing for you. 

Want to dodge the lofty gas prices, but not have to worry about someone stealing your bike? How about a foldable e-bike that can be carried around in a case?

The Kutty FS Foldable E-Bike from Biktrix in Saskatoon is maybe the top bargain on the DiscoverEstevan Online Auction. It's valued at $2,399 but could be yours for $960. 

It features a 250W hub-motor and 36V 13Ah battery along with rear suspension to offer the perfect package for cruising. Click here to bid or find out more information.

two people riding e-bikes

The DiscoverEstevan Online Auction runs until Wednesday, with items closing in rapid succession from the morning through to the end of the afternoon.

Click here to see all 339 items available.