Premier Scott Moe said every adult in Saskatchewan will receive a cheque for $500 this fall, in a video posted to social media on Monday.

Finance Minister Donna Harpauer is slated to deliver a first-quarter fiscal update Tuesday morning, where more details on the payments will be unveiled.

Moe said higher resources prices are driving the economy and creating thousands of new jobs.

"It also means that the cost of almost everything you buy has gone up. You own the resources, and you should benefit when those resource prices are high. So this fall we’ll be sending a $500 affordability tax credit cheque to everyone in Saskatchewan aged 18 and older to help with some of those rising costs."

This fall, our government will be sending a $500 affordability cheque to everyone in Saskatchewan aged 18 and older.

Here’s why…

— Scott Moe (@PremierScottMoe) August 22, 2022

Moe added that the increased resource revenue "greatly improved [the province's] budget position from a deficit to a surplus."

Saskatchewan NDP Opposition Critic Trent Wotherspoon said the Saskatchewan Party government is not doing enough.

“While Saskatchewan families have been struggling with historic inflation rates, rising cost of living expenses and record gas prices, the Sask. Party sat on billions in windfall revenues. Not only did they sit on these windfall revenues, but they also increased taxes and utility rates, adding to the hardships many Saskatchewan families and businesses were already facing."