Golden West Radio Estevan's 50-50 For A Cause in support of Envision Counselling is back.

The fundraiser kicks off Wednesday morning, with tickets being sold at a number of locations until June 8.

The maximum win is $42,500. For every dollar the winner gets, Envision receives the same.

Envision Counseling supports the southeast community through a variety of mental health services. They've got a lot of reach in the southeast, with offices in Estevan, Weyburn, Oxbow, and Carlyle.

Outreach Coordinator Raven Daer says that the community support they receive during the event goes a long way.

"Honestly I have to tell you, the community support is what we rely on heavily. We absolutely are so appreciative of the support from the community over the year, because this truly does help us keep our doors open."

The 50/50 is starting at nearly the same time as a whole new offering from Envision - their family intervention rapid support team.

"We actually just launched a new program. It's called the family intervention rapid support team," said Daer, "This kind of provides a non-traditional counseling and relentless outreach approach. You can find some more information on our website, or you can feel free to call into any of our office locations and we can just give you a little bit more info on that."

The grand prize draw for the 50/50 will be held on June 10.

To buy tickets for the event, which are one for $20 or six for $100, you can come by a number of locations we'll be at until June 8.

The first pair of events coming Wednesday will be at the Envision office in Estevan from 10-1, and the Merit Ford in Carlyle from 2-5.

You can also buy the tickets via e-transfer by sending that to

Check the full schedule for locations you can purchase tickets at here.