The Estevan Police Service charged a 58-year-old Estevan man with dangerous driving Friday after a report that he allegedly drove into another vehicle on purpose.

The man was released on conditions with a court date.

Here are the other weekend occurrences listed by the EPS:


Police received a RID (Report an Impaired Driver) call.  Police were given a description of a vehicle that was believed to be on route to an address in the Hillcrest area.  Police attended and were unable to locate the vehicle being operated.

Police received a report of an individual driving without a drivers license.  Police located the vehicle reported to have been operated.  It was parked.  The driver was located in the area and spoken to and cautioned not to drive.


Police received a request from Saskatoon Crown Prosecutors to locate and serve an individual in Estevan a summons for court.  The forty-three year old Estevan male is summoned to appear in Saskatoon Provincial Court to answer to the charges of assault, breach of probation and breach of release conditions.

Police were dispatched to a residence in the Hillside area for a noise complaint. Members attended and warned the homeowner to keep the noise down.

Police received a call that someone had lit a flower pot on fire near an apartment building. The caller had already put the fire out but wanted to report it to the police as the building did sustain some damage. Matter is still under investigation.


Police received a complaint in relation to a child custody dispute.  A review of the order issued by the court revealed that police had no authority to get involved.  The individuals were referred back to the Family Law Court to resolve their dispute.

Police received a request for assistance in a child exchange to keep the peace.  Police attended to moderate and mediate.  The exchange took place without incident.

Police attended to a disturbance and dispute between two neighbours in the west end of the city.  Both parties were warned about their behaviour and instructed to not have any further interaction.

Police were called to a residence in the Hillside area for a report of a domestic disturbance. Members were able to mediate the situation and no further police involvement was required.

Police were called for a report of numerous cars honking their horns from a school parking lot. All parties were spoken to and warned of their actions.

Police attended to a residential area in the north end of the city to assist a local cab company with an unruly customer who was refusing to leave the cab or pay for their fare. Members arranged a ride home for the subject and left them in the care of a sober person.

Police were called to a local liquor establishment as there was an argument outside involving a cab driver and patrons. Police were able to mediate the situation and no further involvement was required.

Police received a report of an accident involving a deer. The vehicle did not sustain any significant damage and none of the occupants were injured.

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