The annual survey has been released from  MoneySense’s Best Places to Live 
Find out where our city placed.........

The Annual survey list is  based on data compiled from 179 Canadian cities and towns with
populations over 10,000 people.
 The 179 cities were based on climate, prosperity, access to healthcare, home affordability,
crime rates and lifestyle with subcategories in each area.
Coming in at the top 3 were Ontario cities...Ottawa, Kingston and Burlington
So where does our fair city place??? ....well we sit above 100 and land at 94!!!
If that shocks or delights you...keep in mind its good enough to beat out Weyburn... Hooray!!
Oh looking at the list again Weyburn didn't even make the list...shucks... at least we beat
Sorel-Tracey won't foil us this year Sorel!!! ( I need coffee)
 If you want to take a look at the complete list here it is.....

94th  place or not ....I beleive we have an amazing little peice of the Canadian dream
full of amazing people with a booming economic climate and the best radio
station around!!! (Toot Toot!!)

You're pal