Seven Mile Sun based out of Harris, Sask. was originally formed by the brother and sister duo, Kevin & Kimberley Stevens. With supportive parents and a place to let their musical talents flourish on the family farm, the pair had a great foundation for creating music.  

According to Kimberley, the group’s name is a direct reference to where it all began. 

“Seven Mile Sun originated because our farm where Kevin and I grew up, where our parents reside, is seven miles from the closest town. That's where we started playing our instruments and that's still our jam space to this day,” said Kimberley. “The sun part comes from living in Saskatchewan and being proud to be from here and living on the prairies. You know, the sunsets here, pretty incredible, and whenever you're leaving band practice from our parents' farm, you always can catch some pretty sweet sunsets.” 

Kevin and Kimberley played together as a duo for several years. But with larger-scale shows being booked, they asked Joanne Genest to join the band on bass to help beef up their sound. 

"We had asked her to kind of play a couple of those bigger shows with us," explained Kimberley. “I think in the back of our mind, hoping that she'd agree to just play full time with us, and we lucked out that she did.” 

In 2021, Seven Mile Sun released their E.P. entitled Light In The Dark, which was recorded at Skullcreek Studios in Saskatoon with producer Aspen Beveridge.  

Kevin said the collaboration was just what the band needed.

“It was our first real professional studio experience and we just lucked out. We got some quotes from a few different studios and sent some emails around and I think it was Aspen we were corresponding with. I just got a good feel from him. He sounded like he was a nice guy, and he knew what he was doing. So we thought we'd give it a try and it was just luck of the draw we picked what I think is one of the better studios in Saskatchewan or possibly the country.” 

On March 4, Seven Mile Sun released their newest single Trigger Man; a crowd favourite that long-time fans of the band are very familiar with.  

“We’ve been playing it live for a long time, probably three years,” said Kevin. “We've opened a lot of our shows with that 'cause you know how the song starts off, and then it's just like, yeah! So it's been a great way to grab the audience's attention right off the bat. If you weren't listening before, you're listening now.” 

You can hear Seven Mile Sun’s newest single Trigger Man on Rock 106. Check out the band’s other music and follow them on social media with their Linktree.