The 25th annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive came and went over the weekend, with the Salvation Army here in Estevan and the Canada Post teaming up.

On Saturday, June 11 people put out food items that were needed by the Salvation Army, and throughout the day Canada Post employees went around town picking those up and taking them back to the food bank.

This year ended with a bigger pantry for the Salvation Army than in the past couple, since there were some pandemic woes previously.

Ronza Reynard, the Communities Ministries Director for Estevan-Weyburn, details just how good that result was.

"The food drive this weekend was a great success. We brought in 1,700 pounds of food. We can't thank Canada Post employees enough for doing this every year. This really does help the food bank and get the shelves filled before the summer season. We also had a couple of volunteers here with the staff."

The Stamp out Hunger food drive had taken place during the Fall for many years but had been changed to be a summer event since the Fall tended to be busy.

The biggest difference this year was Canada post's help, as during the past two years they were unable to substantially help out.

"Over the last couple of years with COVID, it's been hard to do. Last year we weren't able to get the employees at Canada post on board with it so it was kind of exciting. We weren't sure what to expect, but the community came through and people were just dropping off stuff all day."

As far as dropping off food goes, Reynard encourages everyone to help out, especially as food prices are continuing to rise.

Those can be made anytime in the year, and she says the Salvation Army is always appreciative.

"If people missed the food drive or they want to participate, they can bring it down to the thrift store Tuesday to Saturday and just say 'hey, I've got some stuff for the food bank.' We'd be happy to accept any donations at any point."

Reynard says they're currently getting ready to send some kids off to the Salvation Army Beaver Creek Camp this summer.