An Estevan family had quite the shock as a contest they won six years ago has sprung back up in a royally unexpected way.

Kolton Tweed won a contest when he was just 4 years old to name one of the RCMP's musical ride horses, coming up with the name Noble for a black mare.

For that, he received a package including a picture of the horse, a pin, shirt, and hat autographed by one of the musical riders who would be working with the horse.

Just recently, the RCMP riding master called Kolton's mom Jodi and let her know that Noble was going to go on a journey.

"When I received the email on Monday afternoon, we were sort of caught off guard. It was from Sergeant Major Scott Williamson and said that he was the riding master, for the musical ride."

"He called to let us know that Noble was no longer going to be with the musical ride and I thought 'oh, that's kind of cool, they call to let the kids when the horses retire. He said actually she's moved on to much different pastures, and I wasn't sure what he was about to say next. He said that they took her over to England three weeks ago and that she was going to be the king's charge horse when his current horse retires."

Noble will be included in King Charles's upcoming coronation ceremony, with Kolton and Jodi being invited to another show happening soon.

"He said that they would like to invite us and our family and he said the closest the musical ride would be to Estevan was in Regina," said Jodi Tweed, "He invited us to be their guest, he believes they're coming in July and will keep in contact for the dates and that they wanted to present Kolton with a gift because his horse has been gifted to the king."

Sergeant Major Williamson also provided some of the history of the RCMP gifting horses to the royal family.

"We were sort of in shock, and he gave us some history on the musical ride and horses that had been gifted. We didn't know that the queen, the horse that she's on in front of the legislative building in Regina is Burmese, which is one of the horses that they gifted her back in 1969 and it was also a black mare, so all just really cool and unexpected."

- With files from Daniel Espelien