December has ushered in the festive season, and in Estevan, the spirit of giving is alive and well. As the snow blankets the city, preparations for the Estevan Community Hamper & Angel Tree are in full swing. Jolie Bayda, a representative from the initiative, recently shared insights into the program during an interview on SUN 102.

Bayda emphasized the fundamental concept behind the initiative, stating, "So every year, people can apply to our program or nominate somebody. And if you are accepted, we get you a Christmas food hamper and a present for all your children, 16 and under." The collaboration with the Estevan Kinettes further enhances the program, ensuring that each child receives a pair of pajamas, adding an extra touch of warmth to the holiday season.

The significance of the initiative becomes evident when considering the financial struggles some families face during this time of year. Bayda acknowledged this, saying, "Nothing is better than when I get to make the call and tell the parents that they're on the list and hearing the relief in their voice."

The community's support is crucial to the success of the Estevan Community Hamper & Angel Tree. Bayda outlined various drop-off locations, including Fired Up Grill, Soul Hideout, DMS Services, Kessel Run Games, and a dedicated tree at Walmart by customer service. Additionally, the Estevan police, fire department, and RCMP are set to facilitate a toy drive at the Miracle on 4th St. this weekend.

Highlighting the scale of the need, Bayda mentioned, "We right now have about 280 families, which is giving us about 400 kids." It underscores the importance of community-driven initiatives in Estevan, with the program serving as a lifeline for those facing economic challenges during the holiday season.

For those seeking more information or looking to contribute, Bayda directed them to the initiative's Facebook page.

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