There will be one more present underneath the tree for many southeast Saskatchewan families this Christmas after the Estevan community delivered on another PJ Project.

The annual initiative helps bring brand new pajamas to kids across the region on Christmas morning.

"All the children that are on the Estevan Community Hamper and Angel Tree list receive a present at Christmas, and they also receive a pair of pajamas from the Estevan Kinette Club," said Co-chair Chelsey Istace. "We collect pajamas through out the city and it's always a new pair of pajamas so that every child gets a brand new pair of pajamas for Christmas morning."

Istace said the community support this year was outstanding.

"Our community always shows up when we need them...I didn't even need to ask for extra help this year, everybody just came to us which is absolutely amazing," Istace said. "They were coming and asking what sizes do you need, let us know what we can do to help was amazing."

Istace also described what kind of impact the fundraiser has. 

"I feel like the parents and the families that are receiving these, I feel like it's a little bit more of a comfort for Christmas waking up to have one more thing under the tree for their children," she said. "It's something that these families look forward to and know that the community is going to step up and help them when they need it."