Thursday's snow blew into the Southeast over the course of the whole day, with plenty of precipitation falling, though not as much as some areas further north.

But snow shovels and winter boots will likely still be needed in the Estevan area as more precipitation is on the way, including snow.

That's according to environment Canada Meteorologist Eric Dykes, who says that we could be seeing a few different types of precipitation in the next 48 hours.

"There's also a chance that we could see freezing rain across most Southeastern portions of Saskatchewan tonight and into the early morning hours tomorrow," said Dykes, "We'll see a bit of rain perhaps, and then the cold front with the system will come through and drop temperatures such that we may see some flurries later in the day as well."

Northern areas aren't likely to see the gargantuan amount of snow they saw yesterday, with so much dropping that sections of the Trans-Canada Highway had to be closed.

Instead, this upcoming system is likely to be spread out over the southern parts of the province.

"The models are deviating slightly as to exactly the track of the system, one of the ones that I like to look at the most is kind of indicating that all of Southern Saskatchewan will see some form of precipitation," said Dykes, "It's really quite a messy mix in some areas, so off to the west we'll see rain or a rain and snow mix, to the Southeast, it looks predominantly more like snow with a risk of freezing rain."

Though the snow incoming may pile onto Estevan, there's a chance that higher temperatures may melt away some of the coverage.

Temperatures are expected to pick up on Monday with temperatures landing firmly above the freezing mark, though there is a chance of another group of precipitation on that day.