Recently, WestJet announced they would be resuming three more international flights out of the Regina airport, which were halted due to the pandemic.

Travelers will once again have the option of traveling to Cancun, Orlando, or Las Vegas twice a week from the airport.

Even as the world seems to be opening up more, there are still a few stumbles along the way that potential passengers should know about. 

Denise Taylor, a Travel Advisor with TravelOnly, says that while as a whole the airline industry has been doing well, there are still some problems cropping up.

"We've had some issues with flights with routing and rerouting, mainly to do our pilots and our people on the ground, needing to have more people on the ground to take your luggage, off and taxi the plane into the airport.  When you travel these days you're going to have to give yourself some extra time so that if there is an issue with you're flight you're not going to be scrambling to get to your destination on time."

"If you're going to someplace far, you want to be at a wedding, and the wedding's on a Saturday," said Taylor, "You need to be there Saturday morning, you should go to get there Friday."

Costs have also gone up in general for airline flights, though some tickets may see a decrease depending on the specifics.

"Airline costs have gone up. We're now starting to see a decrease, but not in all flights, just depending on when you're going and where you're going, as well as what kind of flight schedule you're taking."

As the end of summer approaches, people will be looking at their vacation likely to somewhere south, and Taylor recommends booking as soon as possible.

"If you're looking at traveling this winter to a hot destination my suggestion is to start looking now," said Taylor, "This is actually the best time to book something because you'll get what you want, the room category you want, and you will have a choice of resorts. Once we arrive in the winter season, then everybody wants to get someplace, as soon as it gets cold, everyone wants to leave."

Taylor says she believes that the airline industry is making progress, but still has a bit more to go before it returns to the pre-COVID days.