The words "Ala Kazam" usually aren't heard anywhere near a public library, but that was the case in Estevan on Wednesday.

Popular Saskatchewan magician Danny Kazam travelled down to Estevan to entertain a group of kids who were already in a good mood, immersed in summer vacation during what are now the dog days of summer.

"A lot of really cool card acts...card magic tricks, and colouring magic tricks as well. A lot of things that would disappear magically reappear," said Estevan Public Library Branch Manager Jason Redshaw. "You'd have to really keep a close eye on him, but the children that sat up front absolutely loved it."

"Danny Kazam really loved the show too, loved the reaction from the kids."

Redshaw said there were about 150 kids who attended the event, with many of them participating in the library's Summer Reading Program right now, which runs until August 19. It took place in the Multi Purpose Room across the hall from the library, inside the Estevan Leisure Centre.

"It's been a couple years since the Estevan Public Library's been able to have this type of event because of COVID, and people had been asking about it for a while when we announced that we were going to do it, so they've been looking forward to this," Redshaw said.

He said staff were initially planning to hold the event outdoors, but instead chose to hold it indoors due to the recent heat. On that note, he added that the library has been a popular spot this summer with people looking to escape the hot weather.

"It's been a very very active summer...if anybody is interested in the summer reading program they can still join. We have a number of other programs happening for children but also for adults. And also too while it's very very hot, lots of people have been coming into the library just to access our free Wi-Fi," Redshaw said.

"There's plenty to do here at the library if you're looking for a way to escape the heat."