Alameda is set to begin upgrades to the wastewater lagoon after receiving federal grant money.  

The town of Alameda’s lagoon system was flagged by the Water Security Agency as over-capacity for treatment parameters and near/at allowable storage capacity, for the size of their population.  

Secondary issues stemmed from this as the community had to put any plans of expansion or development on hold.  

The grant is for 73.3 per cent of the 2.6-million-dollar project. Alameda is supplying the balance of the cost through a combination of reserves and borrowing. 

Before receiving the funding, the cost of the project exceeded the Town of Alameda’s ability to make the changes.  

The funding process took over a year, from the application process to the funding approval.  

“This project is not a small endeavour and could not be done without securing grant funding. "said Alameda Mayor, Jennifer Cobham in a recent press release. "We needed help, and that help came,  

She added that the grant writing expertise from Matthewson and Co. was instrumental in getting approval for the ICIP grant.  

The benefits of the project are: 

  • Improves the capacity to support improvements to the water treatment plant.  

  • Increases room for agricultural expansion and community growth.  

  • Minimize threats to fish in our waterways.  

  • Lowers the risk of going over permitted regulatory lagoon limits. 

  • Lowers chemical use and cost. 

  • Allow for treatment of the wastewater from the abattoir.

  • Improves the overall performance of the lagoon.  

The new cell will be constructed next to the already existing cells 1 and 2.  

The project will bring Alameda’s wastewater system to compliance with federal and provincial regulations.  

These changes will help safeguard protected groundwater. Minimize the potential for contamination of Alameda’s water supply, as well as additional contamination of the site around the lagoon. It will also align with Saskatchewan’s drinking water quality guidelines.  

“We can now keep pace with our growing community and move confidently into the future thanks to the generous ICIP grant approval,” said Cobham. “I am so proud to be the Mayor of Alameda and part of this community.”