There's one group that probably doesn't mind all of the recent snowfall in southeast Saskatchewan.

That would be the Estevan Snowmobile Club, who are gearing up for the season a little bit earlier this year thanks to all of the snow on the ground.

"There's adequate snow that we can get our trails started," said Estevan Snowmobile Club President Dave Heier. We've been out two days in a row (Sunday and Monday) putting in stakes between Estevan and all the way up to the Blue Line Shelter which is right by Forget."

Heier said there will be a few trails available to riders this winter.

"Currently we have Estevan to our (Highway) 361 shelter which is by Lampman, and it goes up through Benson and over towards the Lampman shelter, and then goes north to Forget, that's the one we've got in first," he said.

"We do have trails that'll go around town, from the Shell to the Esso and around to Walmart this year. Then we also have trails that take you out to Boundary Dam and then from there we can cross Rafferty (Dam) and it goes up through Macoun, and meets back at the Benson trail."

"We have about 265 kilometres of trails."

Heier added that most of the trails are ungroomed due to the weather, but that most of the trails will be completed over the next couple of weeks.

"It's too cold to be out grooming," he said.

Heier said the preparations have begun a little bit earlier this year.

"Normally it's the first or second week in January, so yes it's earlier," he said. "But we have done them the first or second week in November previously, like a long time ago," he said.

Heier also urged people to use caution when out on the trails.

"The trail that's out there currently (Estevan to Highway 361) is rough, so slow down until we get it groomed," he said. "But enjoy it...there's a new shelter at 361 and it accommodates a lot of people and just got finished in the last week or so, so that'll be fun."

"Don't drink and drive," he continued. "Slow down and have fun out there. The trails are meant for safe riding. And of course the new laws in Saskatchewan, non-trespassing, some people don't want you getting off the trail, so just respect other people's land."

He added to make sure you have a license plate on your sled, as it is against the law to be on a trail without a plate. Proceeds from the license plates go towards snowmobile clubs in Saskatchewan.

And even with this week's frigid forecast, Heier is optimistic the weather will improve for snowmobilers in the southeast.

"I think after Christmas we're going to get pretty warm, so it'll be ideal snowmobiling temperature," he said.