In the heart of Southeast Saskatchewan, music enthusiasts are gearing up for a unique concert experience as the talented Heidi Munro is set to take the stage at Art Concepts Custom Framing in Estevan. The upcoming shows, scheduled for November 17 and 18, will captivate the audiences with a tribute to the legendary Amy Winehouse.

Munro, a well-known presence in the region, recently provided a glimpse into the forthcoming concerts during an interview on SUN 102. The discussion illuminated the distinctive allure of Art Concepts, a venue celebrated for its versatility. Initially acknowledged as an art studio, Art Concepts effortlessly changes into an extraordinary space for live music.

"Byron and Teresa had reached out, and Scott and I of Munro & Patrick did an album release there. It is a really wonderful venue. It's really up close. It feels like a little bit of a house gathering, and you know, it just has a really warm feeling, and they are great hosts," Munro expressed, emphasizing the unique and welcoming atmosphere of Art Concepts.

The focal point of Munro's performance will be "The Passion of Amy Winehouse," a meticulously crafted show that pays homage to the iconic singer's soulful repertoire. Munro spoke about the genesis of the show, stating, "I built this show in 2018, and I had this vision for it. I contacted the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon and built a nine-piece All-Star band. The set, the signage, everything was built, and it did absolutely fantastic."

The show has garnered acclaim not only in Saskatchewan but also beyond, with a successful performance in Seattle, WA, featuring a handpicked band from the Vancouver and Kelowna areas.

Grant Sotnikow, renowned for his exceptional skills as a keyboardist and sound production expert, will join Munro and Scott Patrick rounding out the ensemble for the Estevan shows.

Tickets for the back-to-back shows are currently on sale at Art Concepts, priced at $40 per ticket, with an option to reserve a seated table for $180. Doors open at 7 pm, and it's important to note that tickets must be purchased in advance. Additionally, on Thursday morning around 8:10 am, SUN 102 will be giving away two tickets for the Friday show.

For more information and updates, interested individuals can visit the Facebook page dedicated to "The Passion of Amy Winehouse" featuring Heidi Munro or explore Munro & Patrick's official website. Art Concepts also provides information on their Facebook page and website, ensuring that music enthusiasts have all the details they need for a memorable evening of live music.

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