Saskatchewan anglers are reminded to remove ice fishing shelters before the deadline.  

All ice fishing shelters must be removed in areas south of Highway 16 by March 15. Shelters on the north side of Highway 16 must be removed by March 31.  

Abandoned shelters can lead to excess litter often left behind. In turn, this leads to the structures breaking up and washing up on shore, which can create environmental hazards. 

Resurfaced debris can also create hazardous conditions for boaters, water skiers, and anyone else who accesses the lakes in the summer. 

Owners of abandoned shelters may face hefty fines and their structures and contents could be confiscated.  

Ice fishing shelters must be marked on the outside with the owner’s complete name, address, and phone number in legible letters at least 2.5 cm in height. It is the owner's responsibility to remove all structures and litter and transport them off the ice. Shelters may not be left on the shore.  

Owners are urged to remove the structures as soon as possible and are reminded to check the weather, and ice thickness before heading out.

Slush, thermal cracks, and pressure ridges are all signs of unsafe ice. 

Ice fishing closes on March 31, in southern and central Saskatchewan and on April 15 in the north.