The southeast looks like it will be the recipient of yet another severe weather system with one bearing down on the area.

After Sunday's messy hail and high winds, a similar outlook will begin in the southeast this afternoon.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang says that's coming from our southern neighbours.

"It's a weather system that's developing in Montana and because the air mass is really unsettled, unstable, that means that thundershowers are likely to develop and that will move through the southeast corner of the province later this afternoon and into this evening."

There's a possibility that will develop into a very severe system with Lang encouraging people to keep an eye out for alerts.

"All the severe weather elements are possible with this particular weather system, so thunderstorms giving heavy rains, large hail, strong winds, and even the possibility of a tornado. But I don't want people to fixate on that, just keeping in mind that it's one of those days we should be paying attention to the weather and have a way of receiving warnings should any be issued."

The forecast is calling for rain to continue through to Friday night, but Lang says most of the worst should be over with today.

"Will sort of be the tail end of the systems or the backwash of the system, so not expecting too much with that, the severe weather threat will pass this evening, and then we'll be into sort of cooler air, you know, maybe 10 to showers, maybe a thunder shower, but not expected to be severe. There will be some winds with this too so the next couple of days are going to be quite unsettled."

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