The Estevan Art Gallery and Museum is gearing up for an exciting event this Friday, April 19, as they prepare to host a meet and greet for their two new exhibits. Tye Dandridge-Evancio, the curator of the gallery, shared insights into what attendees can expect.

"We're going to be debuting our new exhibitions, Monique Martin's Vicissitude and also the Fibre Art Network’s show called Resist," said Dandridge-Evancio. "The artists are going to be there to talk about their bodies of work. And of course, there's going to be food and drink, need I say more?"

All ages are welcome to attend the free event, which promises to be an engaging experience for art enthusiasts and families alike. Dandridge-Evancio shed light on the Fibre Art Network, a collective of artists from across Canada dedicated to promoting fibre arts.

"The Fibre Art Network is really doing remarkable work," remarked Dandridge-Evancio. "They're a collective of artists from all around Canada, based out of BC, and their goal is to bring fibre arts to the forefront. There's always been a long-standing history of looking down upon things deemed as crafts or things that aren't fine art in the art world. They're taking a stance and saying, 'Hey, this is actually an incredible thing that's beautiful and should be celebrated. They're doing a lot of work to celebrate and expose us to the wonderful things you can achieve through a needle, thread, and fabric."

Transitioning to the gallery's family programs, Dandridge-Evancio highlighted the opportunities available for families to get involved as spring and summer roll in.

"For those interested in our family programs, you can contact us by phone at 306-634-7644, email us at or, or visit us in person at 118 4th St.," shared Dandridge-Evancio.

In addition to the upcoming event and ongoing programs, the Estevan Art Gallery and Museum is also offering an employment opportunity. Dandridge-Evancio mentioned their current search for a day camp counsellor, emphasizing that it's an ideal opportunity for students.

"We're looking for someone between the ages of 15 and 30," stated Dandridge-Evancio. "The deadline for applications is April 30th."

As the anticipation builds for the meet and greet and the gallery continues to offer enriching programs, the Estevan Art Gallery and Museum remains a hub of creativity and community engagement.