It may be sad to see summer slip away with the end of July but at least we get to choose a new Perfect Pet Winner!

Join Macie Rae and Dawn Klassen at 8 am on Tuesday, July 26th to see which of these cuties wins a gift certificate from All Creatures.

This is Ziro, or Boatches… we have no idea how or why we call home that, but here we are. He enjoys sleeping in his favourite spot on the couch, cuddling with our daughter, and giving us boops while we eat supper. His favourite human food is ramen noodles, but because he has a sensitive belly he can only one once in a while.


Chloe is an old English bulldog who enjoys slow walks to the fridge, gazing out the window all day is her main hobby. Highly demands belly rubs to enter her house and will steal shoes every chance she gets! In 4 months she’s learned so much but the most important is using her pretty blue eyes to beg for one more treat.



My daughter and her new kitty Peaches.


Dijo is the biggest cuddle bug around, he always has to be touching one of his people on the couch. He also loves to lay in the sunshine after playing in the sprinkler.


We got frankie about five years ago from the trailer park for free and it could have gone very bad but she turned out perfect she loves people, doesn’t shed and is also so cute.her favorite thing to do is either sleep or chase cows.


Roxy was a pup & she mirrored Buster with everything he did. Best family dogs ever!

perfect pet

Buddy is old, but he sure is cute. He Loves laying in the SunShine Loves cuddling and snuggles. He Loves Camping with us!


Maggie is the best girl in the entire world! She loves to veg on the couch or in bed with her humans! She likes to chase the birds and squirrels from the yard but doesn’t bark. She loves walks and everyone stops to pet her. We are so lucky to have this beautiful girl.


Mocha is the most loving and sweet snugly cat. She was adopted from the humane society 3 years ago. She loves to sit and beg for food at the dinner table!


Willow is the sweetest gentle giant you could ever meet! She loves to play with her friends at daycare and get lots of loving and treats at home! She is super fluffy and soft and has even had a purple tail at one point!


Skuttle is our Bearded Dragon. Skuttle joined our family last September. He has been the best last addition to our family. He is the most loved Dragon around. He is happy as long as he is with us.


Shila is my rock. The best dog a girl could have. We do agility class together and she loves running through the tunnels.


We adopted Bella from the Humane Society in February 2021. She's a loving 7 year old Olde English Bulldogge who loves her mama, butt scratches, long naps, tug-o-wars with her rope, and going for walks and sniffing everything above grass level. Here she is keeping an eye out the front window.


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