There was much excitement surrounding the upcoming year for Pleasantdale Elementary! 

The students were welcomed with a back-to-school barbeque to drop off backpacks, meet the teachers and school community council, and see the classrooms. 

"I've seen a couple of students and it looks like they've grown a foot over the summer!" said Michelle Smart, principal of Pleasantdale Elementary. 

The school has several activities planned for September, as well as some new additions that will be roaming the halls.

"We do have some new staff so that's kind of fun. We have a new teacher in grade five and a new learning support teacher. We also have a student intern with us this year. A teacher learning how to be a teacher which is awesome!"

Following a security breach at the Southeast Cornerstone Public School Division earlier this year, Smart puts parents' worries to rest.

"Thankfully they caught it early and we were not offline for too long. That's always a concern in this day and age with cyber information because we are so reliant on the internet but we are good to go in the fall. I just want parents to know that they are welcome in the school any time and to please let us know if you have any questions or need help with anything. We are always happy to see you on a daily basis so make sure you reach out if you need anything." 

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