Bailey, a lively canine companion has been crowned the winner of November's Perfect Pet Contest. The announcement, made by Dawn Klassen from All Creatures, marks a well-deserved victory for Bailey and her owners, Ross and Lee Schnell.

Lee Schnell found out the great news on SUN 102 with Daniel Espelien. The announcement was met with excitement as Bailey emerged victorious, earning a $100 prize with $50 gift cards to both All Creatures and Rodeo Dawg.

A Perfect Sunday Afternoon Ride

Perfect Pet Contest winner Bailey with Ross, Buck, and LadyPerfect Pet Contest winner Bailey with Ross, Buck, and Lady.

The winning snapshot captured a perfect Sunday afternoon ride, with Bailey joining Ross and Lee in their democrat buggy, drawn by their horses Buck and Lady. They expressed the joy Bailey found in the leisurely ride, noting, "She truly enjoyed joining us on our Sunday afternoon ride."

Bailey, known for her active and playful demeanor, typically accompanies the Schnells on their adventures around their acreage. However, this particular ride marked a unique moment when Bailey decided to take a break and relish a relaxing ride.

Bailey: More Than a Pet

During the interview on SUN 102, Lee Schnell affectionately described Bailey as a "super special pet" who brings constant joy and companionship to their lives. "She's very cuddly and lovable. She always wants to be right with us all the time," shared Schnell.

What truly sets Bailey apart is her playful nature, especially in her interactions with the family's horses Buck & Lady in the pasture. Schnell highlighted, "She likes to tease them in the pasture. She will sometimes chase them around. They chase her back. They run back and forth with each other playing."

Bailey's ability to seamlessly integrate into various activities, whether chasing playfully in the pasture or calmly running alongside the buggy, showcases her adaptable and endearing nature. Schnell remarked, "When we're actually either riding our horses or driving them, she doesn't bother the horses at all. She'll just run along beside us."

As Bailey basks in the glory of being November's Perfect Pet, the Schnell family celebrates not just a win but the recognition of a beloved companion whose unique qualities have captured the hearts of many.

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