The Estevan Public Library held its annual book sale this past weekend, and Branch Manager Jason Redshaw said it was the best sale that they've ever had.

"We had our best book sale ever," said Redshaw. "It was very exciting. Thursday it was absolutely packed in here...there was a lot of great gems that people were finding, finding certain books from certain series that they couldn't find and then all of a sudden boom they popped up and they found it, so that was great to see."

Redshaw said they had thousands of used books up for sale along with DVDs, audio books, magazines, and video games.

The library holds both a spring book sale and a fall book sale every year. Most of the items this year were donated from the public, and the $3,000 raised will go toward the library's programming.

"It would not be possible without the support from the public," Redshaw said.

"We'll be picking up some interesting maker kits, things like floor curling, glow in the dark golf, things that can be used by children, but also by seniors as well," Redshaw said. "All of that money will be going into programming equipment that the public is going to be using."

Redshaw said the books that didn't sell will be used in future book sales, or donated.

He said Estevan residents will have another chance to donate books this fall.

"We'll be doing another one in November, so keep that mind mind. If anybody does want to donate books, just let us know and we'll see what we can do."