Warm weather means more cyclists hit the streets, trails, and parks. But it could also lead to easier pickings for thieves.

Estevan Police Service Cst. David Sinclair said you can decrease the likelihood of your bike being stolen, and increase your chances of recovering it in case someone does manage to swipe it.

"As far as keeping your bike safe, make it something that's not easy for someone to take," he said. "Keep it out of sight. Put a lock on it. Anything you can do to make it less easy for them to take."

Sinclair said if it's hard for someone to steal a bike, they'll go on looking for an easier target.

You can also put yourself in the best position to recover your property in case someone does steal it.

"Always best practice is to record the serial numbers," said Sinclair.

Bikes tend to have a unique number engraved into their frame. You could find that on the bottom of the bike, between where the pedals meet. Some other spots include the down tube (the lower part of the frame) and the top tube (between the seat and the handlebars).