Do I face traffic? Go with traffic? What's the cyclist-walker etiquette on pathways?

A number of people don't seem to know the answers to those questions, according to the Estevan Police Service.

"As far as rules of the road are concerned, there's a little confusion when it comes to this," said Cst. Don Dechief.

Dechief said walkers on roads should be on the left side, facing traffic. Cyclists should be on the right side, going with traffic.

He added that anyone biking on the roads should know their hand signals for stopping, turning left, and turning right.

"Traffic laws, traffic lights, stop signs apply to bicyclists too, so you have to obey those," he said. "If you're riding more than one person, ride single file."

Dechief said they're often asked about how cyclists should behave when sharing a pathway with people that are out for a walk.

"It's not ideal. But sometimes the streets don't allow safe riding on the street. What we usually say is if you're going to use the sidewalks or the paths... when you come up on somebody who's walking, it's a good idea to get off of your bike and walk past that person before you get back on."

Dechief urged motorists to watch out for cyclists, especially kids zipping in and out of cars or behind vehicles backing out of driveways.

And he encouraged cyclists to wear bright, highly-visible clothing and safety gear, and to ensure their two-wheelers were in proper working order.

"You only have two wheels, so you want to make sure everything's working right. When you're missing one, or something happens, it's usually a crash. It's good to keep your bicycle in really good shape."

Dechief added that people can register their bikes with the City of Estevan, which could be instrumental in recovering a lost or stolen bike.