With the incoming blizzard expected to pick up tonight, it's more than just Saskatchewan residents who are keeping a close eye on the system.

North Dakota will be getting a good bit as well and meteorologists are particularly watching the areas closest to the border.

Those areas are expected to get close to a foot of snow, with fast winds picking that up and likely creating adverse road conditions.

Jeff Schild, a senior meteorologist with the National Weather Service out of Bismarck,

"We expect blizzard conditions to actually develop during the evening hours along our northern side of North Dakota, starting this evening and then spreading south and to the east, as we go through the overnight."

Up in Saskatchewan, we're looking at the south being affected, with the largest amounts settling here in the southeast.

Schild says that they're gearing up for what's likely to be a harsh blizzard, especially when it comes to driving conditions.

"The big problem is, first of all, we expect heavy snow to come with this. So up in our north, up in the Crosby area, we're expecting an additional 18-28 centimeters of snow possibly with this, we can get a little further east even by Bottineau, another 28-36 centimeters with it."

The snow that's coming down is also likely to be somewhere between the light, dry snow we've had so far this week and the wet, heavy snow which can be a major cause of concern.

"It's kind of in between, so don't expect it to be the sticky stuff, but we do expect this to be the snow that can do some piling up. Don't expect it to be sticky," said Schild, "But expect it to be the type that can blow around and really make visibility tough."