Estevan's Board of Police Commissioners met to discuss the reports for September and the current state of crime in Estevan.

The meeting was attended by Police Chief Rich Lowen, with Mayor Roy Ludwig in attendance.

They began with a reading of the crime statistics report for September, which showed an overall decrease compared to last year.

September 2021 had 666 reported crimes for the EPS, whereas this year the 549 calls showed an 18% decrease.

Through the year to date, 2022 has shown a 33.6% decrease, with 4984 crimes compared to 2021's 7503.

Some notable categories included breaking and entering, which had two crimes against businesses, and theft under $5000, which was 150% higher compared to last September.

They then moved to statistical analysis, which had a few notable sectors.

Calls for service had gone down 20% this year compared to the five-year average.

Criminal code violations were down 28.2%, while crimes against persons had risen by 17%.

One large swing was in trafficking, which had seen a 60.4% increase having had 17 incidents compared to the average of 10.6.

Lowen also commented on the police's budget, saying that they were in a good place for that.

"We're at 75% with the year past with the end of that budget month, and we're sitting roughly at about 66-67% for this year"

The meeting concluded shortly after, with the next one set to take place on November 16.