All of the southeast is currently preparing for the winter storm fast approaching, with communities along Manitoba's border working especially hard.

Forecasts from Environment Canada are predicting an even heavier snowfall for areas along the Manitoba border. Some of those areas are expected to reach close to 60 cm of snow.

Along with rain that has the potential to turn into freezing rain, these communities may be in for a tough weekend.

Kenosee mayor Edward Plum says they're continuing to set up for the upcoming storm.

"We're basically as ready as we can be right now. We're still in discussions with some contractors for some extra help if we need to haul some snow. We have our equipment ready to go and our backup generators are working so hopefully the power stays on and it'll be business as usual."

One of their big problems is space, as the village is running out of the area to keep all that snow following last week's storm.

"I would say we got 6-8 inches, but it blew so it's hard to tell, maybe more. Our problem now is that we're running out of room to park the snow and store it right now," said Plum, "We've still got 2 feet on the level in most yards right now."

Plum says that since they pay a village foreman a monthly sum for snow removal their costs haven't gone up. That could change with this snow if those contractors are needed.

"I think the people gotta realize that when the snow comes and the streets are full," said Plum, "We need to make sure we keep our vehicles out of the way so we can get through to clean the streets and open them up."

The village, while preparing for the storm, is also busying themselves with what they hope will be a busy summer season.