Carnduff has launched the Trees for the Future program. The initiative offers the chance for residents to take part in creating a greener more vibrant community.  

There is currently an open call for interested residents, with a limit of two seedlings per property available for pre-order. The program is free, with five varieties of seedlings offered: common lilac, golden willow, green ash, and Manitoba maple.  

“There are lots of benefits to having, you know, a healthy urban forest in our community. And so just to ensure the sustainability of trees in the community and try to encourage our residents to help with that,” said Tara Beck, administrative assistant and community development officer for Carnduff.  

Ninety seedlings have been ordered, and pre-orders will close once the limit is reached. Pickup is expected in mid-May. 

“It was just wanting to be able to offer seedlings to the community member to try to replenish, you know, the trees we’ve lost over time and something that would sustain our urban forest,” said Beck.