After an inspiring warm spike drew the Southeast outside of their doors, Mother Nature is getting ready to pile on with a sobering forecast. On Friday morning, Environment Canada issued a Winter Storm Watch over the area, with snowfall levels reaching to about 35 centimeters and wind gusts shaking the area. 

"We have a low that's developing in Montana and we're going to start seeing some snowfall starting Saturday afternoon in the Estevan area. With that, there'll be some pretty strong wind gusts around 60 or 70 kilometers per hour, so we could see some snow and blowing snow," meteorologist Kayla Bilous warned.

Environment Canada is calling for near blizzard-like conditions for the weekend. Travelling is not advised due to the severity of the Montana low. 

"There will be heavy snow and blowing snow and visibility will be reduced, so it'll be hard to see. There'll be lots of snow piling up on the on the highways, so definitely not great conditions for driving." 

While the snowfall will be heavy, the wind chill values may stay at bay. Highs for the weekend are hovering around -7, so Environment Canada is forecasting the wind to bring the temperature down to about -23 at the lowest. 

"Not too bad, you know, compared to what we're used to, but still definitely a factor." 

If you must travel for any reason, the weather agency is recommending bringing an emergency kit with you just in case.

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After a warm spike Thursday, the Southeast is getting hit with yet another dumping of snow and blowing winds to go along with it. 

Environment Canada is issuing a Winter Storm Watch over the area, with heavy snow coming down starting Saturday morning. 

In the statement, the weather agency said that a low pressure system in Montana will bring heavy snow beginning in the southwest section of Saskatchewan. Along with heavy snow, gusty winds will create blowing snow and reduced visibility.

Much of the southern part of the province will be be dealing with blizzard-like conditions. Environment Canada is expecting travel to be hazardous for much of the weekend and are asking the public to avoid it if possible. 

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