The B&T Gun Show returned this year, though it came in a smaller package than many were used to.

Normally the show is held in the Wylie Mitchell hall, which gives it adequate space for plenty of tables.

However this year, a misunderstanding ended with organizers needing to find a new spot, which ended up being the Estevan Legion's hall.

Organizer Kevin Thompson explains that the new venue meant some changes to the event needed to be made.

"The event went really well. We did have to drop quite a few tables cause of the room size and stuff like that. We had a good turnout, a lot of people for such a small building," said Thompson, "I know it's not nearly as big as what we had before, but at least it was some type of an event that we had in Estevan."

Thompson says that around 35 tables had to be canceled because of size limitations, making this year a bit smaller than most.

They're currently counting up how much from the show will be donated to the Estevan Legion.

"We just gotta pay the bills and stuff like that and I'll probably get a better figure this week. So we've gotta do some stuff and wait for some bills to come in," said Thompson, "Hopefully, it's going to be a pretty good donation."

This is the first B&T Gun Show in two years since the pandemic put a curb on events like this, with a fun return to form.

"There were a lot of people who had fun too," said Thompson, "I know I wish I would have had more space as it was quite crowded there Saturday morning and it had a bit of a line-up."

Next year's gun show will hopefully feature a bit more space, with that scheduled for next March.

"Next year the gun show, I already booked it in March there. It'll be a lot bigger building, it'll be more parking, more vendors, more stuff to see," said Thompson, "At least this was, you know a gun show that I know it's not nearly not as big as we had before, but at least it was some type of event we had in Estevan."