The Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan held their annual general meeting last weekend, with a few different items on the docket.

The party came into being in 2020, in the wake of the 2019 federal election, and had its first test in the 2020 provincial election.

They ended up with 2.56% of the vote and while not winning any ridings they did come second in four of them.

Secretary and former candidate for the buffalo party Phillip Zajac said they also held the meeting to thank Estevan.

"The purpose of our first AGM was to, first of all, thank the support of Estevan people for all of the votes that we got in the last election," said Zajac, "Then also the importance of this one was to have the first constitution voted in by the membership."

That constitution is the basis for the party moving forward, and will likely affect how they operate between now and the next election.

The meeting also had another purpose - they introduced their newly-elected board, replacing their appointed board.

To round things out, they announced a leadership convention to determine who would be at the head of their party, with the vote occurring at the end of February.

Zajac says that the party is feeling energized, and hopeful for their future despite the lack of a seat.

"We're so excited by the turnout last weekend and everything that was accomplished," said Zajac, "When you put a bunch of like-minded people in the room the energy is fantastic, and we feel that even though we were not able to secure a seat in the last election, we are affecting provincial politics right now."