It's a family affair for the Calder's this week at Affinity Place.

Parents Dean and Suzanne Calder have traveled to Estevan from Portage la Prairie, Manitoba to watch sons Kian and Logan compete at the Junior A national championship.

Kian has been a regular on the Estevan Bruins defence corps this season, while older brother Logan is a key cog in the Dauphin Kings attack.

"It's been pretty exciting to see them both play," said their dad Dean. "For a national championship and both of them here, it's really exciting."

"Yeah it's been's stressful, but I'm just super proud of them so it's really fun to watch them and no matter the result we're very proud of our boys," added mom Suzanne.

Suzanne said Logan and Kian often played on the same team growing up since they're only one year apart. 

"And our third son (Evan), he's usually right in there with them because he's only a couple years (younger), so they're always two against one, just never the same two against one," Suzanne said.

Evan Calder played U18 triple A last season and also appeared in six games for the Stonewall Jets of the Manitoba Major Junior Hockey League.

"Obviously we're very competitive with each other...we both want to win and that really drove all three of us to be the players that we are today," said Kian Calder, who scored the game winning goal for Estevan in game 7 of the SJHL finals. 

Logan Calder scored a goal for the Kings earlier in the round robin in a win over Summerside in front of his family.

"It's a great feeling. Having them all here to come out for the week, it's special," Logan said.

With the 2023 Centennial Cup being hosted in Portage, the Calders are looking forward to watching and maybe competing in their hometown next year.

"When it was there in 2015, we helped organize with the schools and stuff like that so it was good to be a part of it, and Portage always hosts really well," Suzanne said.

And as for who the best player was growing up, Logan and Kian each gave very different answers.

"It's been a while since we played against each other, but I'm going to have to go myself just because I don't want to give him too much credit and get his head a little big," Logan said.

Kian didn't bite.

"No comment," he said.