The weather for Canada Day weekend is one of the most important factors in how some of the community events will go.

Temperatures will look to stay in the low 20s, with plenty of sun for much of the forecast.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang details the system that'll bring in the conditions.

"It looks like, after Friday, things will start perking up a little bit. We have a ridge of high pressure building in and that will settle the weather down for Saturday and Sunday. So not the hottest Canada Day weekend, but at least we'll get some sunshine. It does look like on Monday, probably later in the day, we might get another shower, thundershower situation moving through. So at least we'll eke in a few good days there."

So far exactly when that Monday rain will hit isn't certain so Lang advises people to keep an eye on the forecast

Well, it depends on the timing of the weather system. So I would just advise people to kind of pay attention to their phones and look at the forecasts that come out from Environment Canada."

"Don't pay attention to those weather forecasts that come with your phone because lord knows where that weather information is coming from, get it from a true source, get it from the Weather Canada app, probably the best one."

The Discover Estevan app uses similar data as Environment Canada and can give a full five-day forecast.

Lang reminds people to be ready for severe weather system as the peak of summer approaches.

"We're well into the severe weather season and it looks like it will continue to be an active season this year. So know what to do and be ready to do it when the situation occurs."