Organizers are extremely pleased with the results for Canada's Farm Show which brought producers and exhibitors from across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the world to the event.

Kirk Westgard, Vice President of Regina Exhibition Association says during the three day show $76 million in international sales were reported as well as a $100 million investment in the agri-value chain.

"As you know Saskatchewan really is the Center for agriculture around the globe. Not only do we have the best manufacturers, but we have the best producers, and the best most sustainable product that we can export around the globe."

Westgard says people were happy to be back face to face doing business with attendance for the show on par with 2019 levels.

"Doing the comparison I know we're about 93% of what we were so it was looking good. We're on target for a show that changed how we operate and went all indoors. Coming off of COVID and what's going on around the globe we're very happy with where the attendance is at."

He notes they don't hear about all the sales that happen at Canada's farm show.  International sales hit $76 million, while there was also a  $100 million investment in the agri-value chain.