The Carlyle Community Complex Foundation (CCCF) began in August 2022 as a proactive fundraising committee to raise money that will be needed to enhance a new school and a multi-use facility in Carlyle.

Talk of a new school began in Carlyle around 10 years ago, explained Tammie Riddell, chairperson of the CCF. Carlyle was fifth on the list and was told to start fundraising. However, due to other circumstances, Weyburn got the approval instead.

In April 2023, it was announced that Carlyle was approved for a new school. Riddell said the main goal of the CCCF is to provide as many extras for the new school as possible. She noted that the CCCF is not part of the decision-making process, and they are solely focused on providing funding for any extras needed for the project.

Earlier this year a feasibility study was conducted to see if the town would benefit from a bigger multi-use facility and now it will be up to the town to decide what the details of the project will be. 

There have been a couple of major fundraising efforts so far including a SJHL game and the Farming for the Future program, which is in its second year and has expanded from 90 acres to over 200 acres. During this program, students learn about farming a crop from the beginning to the end of the season.

"We also started one last year called the Cash Cow. We were hoping that more people would donate to make a herd, and what they do is auction it off in the fall, with the money going toward our Community Complex Foundation," Riddell said.

Now that the school has been announced, the fundraising efforts will increase, and Riddell said the community has been supportive so far.

Local businesses have also agreed to help by offering a round-up program, in which patrons of their stores will round up their purchase to the nearest dollar, with the extra amount going to the CCCF.

"The pharmacy has donated $10,000. We've had local people just donate $10,000, so it's been really good," Riddell said.

"We're working really hard to make Carlyle a better place, and we're going to continue to fundraise for the community."

Carlyle Community Complex Foundation fundraising infographic