The town of Carnduff is still celebrating after the Red Devils won the Big Six Hockey League championship last Friday.

Carnduff beat Redvers in the finals in a battle of the league's two top teams.

"It means everything," said Carnduff mayor Ross Apperley. "The Red Devils have been such a longstanding tradition in our arena and our community and the area, and then to play against our rivals just a few miles brings all kinds of fans out."

Apperley also made a friendly wager with Redvers mayor Brad Bulbuck, who will now have to wear a Red Devils jersey at his town's next council meeting.

"To have everybody, like little kids coming up to you cheering us on because they don't want you to wear the other team's jersey. And I had older gentlemen from Redvers come and talk to me who I don't even know. So it really brought us all was a lot of good fun," Apperley said.

MayorsCarnduff mayor Ross Apperley (left) hands off the winning Carnduff Red Devils jersey to Redvers mayor Brad Bulbuck (right). (Photo credit: Rachelle Apperley)

Apperley added that he was particularly happy that the league got back on track following a league finals cancellation, and an entirely cancelled season last year due to the pandemic.

"It was a big deal for both communities and the Big Six, just to be able to get back and have kind of a normal series again," he said.

It was the first title for Carnduff in 15 years.

"You got to feel for all the players from 2007 to're playing for them right? So it is a big deal for everyone," Apperley said.

"It's nice to see the boys celebrate. The next night, I ran into a group of them, they were headed to a local legion and they were carrying the cup in their arms, so you know it's near and dear to them," he said.

Carnduff now has 11 Big Six championships in their 85-year history. Only the Bienfait Coalers have more with 15.