The provincial government and the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation have entered into negotiations that may end months of job action by Saskatchewan teachers.

The STF held a media event Thursday morning to discuss the proposal and some of the items being offered by the province.

Estevan MLA Lori Carr, who has been calling for both sides to get back to the table, says that the development is good for the province.

"I'm really encouraged that negotiations are done and that the teachers will have the opportunity to vote on the agreement being presented to them, and of course, I'm hoping for a positive outcome." 

In their release, the STF called the proposal the final offer, with Carr saying that it's a tentative deal that could be the case. 

"I guess this is the last offer that we'll put forward that they'll present to their membership. I won't assume anything moving forward based on how the vote goes."

There has also been back-and-forth over what kind of wage increase that teachers would receive, with an MLA-style raise system potentially being adopted.

Instead, teachers would see a three per cent increase for two years and a two per cent increase in the third, which Carr says was put forward by them.

"In the agreement that they're going to be voting on is a three-three-two increase and that isn't consistent with what MLAs get. As they negotiated back and forth,  the STF didn't present the MLA option we put forward to them, they went back to the numbers." 

The biggest sticking point over the months for the STF was classroom size and complexity, which Carr says the new negotiations might solve.

"I know that the reference to the accountability framework regarding the classroom support, that was something that actually brought the union back to the table. So I am thinking that is something that has been addressed, but once again I won't guess how the vote will go." 

For the time being, teachers have ended job action until the vote, which Carr is happy to see.

"For the next three weeks until the vote is done, I'm happy for teachers and students that they'll be able to have classes normal and activities, extracurricular stuff will move forward and I truly hope that the vote has a positive outcome so that that can continue through the rest of the school year for everybody."

The final proposal will go to the membership for a vote on May 8 and 9.