The province released its annual budget on Wednesday, detailing what some Saskatchewan communities can expect to receive over the coming year in terms of funding.

Provincially, a 10 per cent increase to the health budget, an 8.8 per cent in education funding, and a 3 per cent lift in funds to community organizations will eventually make their way to Estevan.

Estevan MLA and Minister of Highways Lori Carr says there are also a few items that are specific to Estevan.

"So this year, while there are no actual dollars placed in the budget, what we've done is we're doing the green light to go ahead with the MRI project for Estevan."

"So government has provided the commitment to proceed with further work with Saint Joseph's Hospital in Estevan through Emmanuel Health to move forward with their proposal to install the MRI. Once that MRI scanner is installed, government is committed to provide the ongoing operational funding required."

In additional healthcare spending, more money is being budgeted for the new Estevan Regional Nursing Home.

"We have $2.5 million that has gone into the budget for the new Estevan Regional Nursing home and this is so that the design detail phase can continue this year," said Carr, "So we'll continue to work closely with the committee to ensure the facility meets the needs of our community. 

$1.9 million is also going towards plans and the crushing of gravel for Highway 18 west of Estevan. That project would be completed in the summer of 2025, with 22 kilometers being redone.

The budget also included a $273 million deficit, with Carr saying that they're planning to reduce the deficit in the coming years to balance out the budget.

"We do have that small deficit this year, but actually the next year and the out years, we plan to get back to balance with a really modest, balanced budget next year at $18 million and then getting better in those years."

Overall Carr feels that the budget works well for Saskatchewan.

"I believe this is a really responsible budget. It's one that focuses on classrooms, care, and communities. There are no fee increases or tax hikes and I feel that in this time when people are very aware of rising costs, even just basic living needs like food and rent, that having no tax hikes or fee increases is important  for Saskatchewan families and businesses."

She also points to Saskatchewan having the second-best provincial debt-to-GDP ratio of 14 per cent as another piece of evidence that the province is doing well.