As April draws to a close, we're thrilled to highlight the adorable pets that have captured our hearts in this month's Perfect Pet Contest. From playful pups to cuddly cats and even a slithery snake named Dude, our contest has seen a diverse array of entries that showcase the unique bond between humans and their animal companions.


DudeThis is Dude! He's a super nice friendly slithery friend. Dude likes to explore his tank. He loves to held. Kids love him and always ask to bring him out. During the day Dude likes to hide in his rock hide.


VedderThe only way to keep him out of the water is if it’s frozen. He loves boat rides, swimming and long runs.


MoxieMoxie is 9 week old Pomeranian x miniature american eskimo x kleekia. We brought her home Easter weekend, and she's loving life on the farm with her much much bigger doggy brothers and sisters. Moxie loves to play with anyone who will play with her, especially the farm cats. She been working really hard on her training and already knows "sit" "down" and is on her way to knowing "stay"


AthenaAthena is 12 years old and she is amazing with my 2 kids she lets them play with her how they want she is so sweet she even let the kids put bunny ears on her this Easter as seen in the picture.


MutantMutant is a rescued barn cat that 8 year old Claira found when he was 3 weeks old and bottle fed him. He is now a healthy happy kitten raised around 3 dogs and believes he is a dog and not a cat. He fetches, pants, goes to rafferty dam and watches the dogs swim and enjoys car rides. Claira want to add an addition to her bike so she can take mutant (mew) for a bike ride.


LilyLily is a 12 year old tri-coloured English Setter who still acts like she is a puppy most days. She’s so sweet and very playful in a quirky way. Her favourite toy is a basketball sized tennis ball. She is an excellent bird dog and would play fetch all day if someone would throw the ball for her.


BenBen is a chaweenie breed,he is 1 1/2 years old. He loves chasing squirrels all around the yard and he gets into everything, if you can't find a shoe find Ben.


SimbaSimba is a 6 month old male and he loves to play on his cat house and lay in the sun. He also loves to cuddle up with the kids and when they give him treats!


SweetumsShe is the cutest puppy with a great personality and just loves people ❤️ she loves sticks and rocks.


SNAPEThis is SNAP ! Snape is 9 months old and full of fire! He loves chasing bugs around the house and spends most of his time soaking up the sun in our back window . Snape was brought in by the Estevan Humane Society and bottle fed for the first part of his life. Snape loves to be the center of attention and we wouldn't have it any other way!!


She is the happiest little puppy, loves to explore the world and be chased at the dog park.Snowy is the happiest little puppy, she loves to explore the world and be chased at the dog park.

As we await the announcement of our April Perfect Pet winner, we extend our gratitude to all participants for sharing their cherished pets with us. Stay tuned as we reveal the winner of the April Perfect Pet Contest tomorrow around 8 AM, and don't forget to keep those submissions coming for future contests. Your pet could be our next Perfect Pet winner!