As the scorching summer days continue, pet owners in Estevan have been capturing their furry companions' delightful summer adventures for the July Perfect Pet Contest. From poolside lounging to outdoor explorations, these pets have been stealing the hearts of the community.

With the contest coming to a close, excitement builds as we eagerly await the announcement of the winner. Join us tomorrow, July 25th, around 8 AM, when Dawn Klassen from All Creatures joins the show to reveal the lucky recipient of this month's Perfect Pet title.


PonchoPoncho is 9 1/2 Shituz, Maltese and Pom-poo. Loves walks, car rides and camping!!!!


KayceKayce is my sons baby goat. She thinks she is a dog and one of the pack. She is my sons bff. Loves to go for walks and always tries to jump on your back if your bent down. She also enjoys car rides.


BaileyBailey is a really great cat. She loves to play and sleep. Sometimes she can be a bit sassy and occasionally she will be feisty and scratch and bite people. And then she's a pretty good cat. She loves her occasional treats and soft cat food. She's really really really really really cute sometimes if she's in a good mood.


RoxyRoxy is a 13 year old Schnauzer- she loves her walks, cuddles, treats and doing perimeter checks in her yard. She is definitely the most interesting schnauzer in the world!


RyukHe’s a playful and sometimes crazy guy. He likes his mouse toys and chasing the kids down our hallway.


PrimJust over a year old and has quickly become part of the family. She is with me 24 hours a day and I am so blessed to have such an amazing pup.


ScooterHe is famous on Facebook for getting lost in bienfait, tries to act like a cat and all he does is eat.


PhoebePhoebe is a 10 week old Bearded Collie. She is full of spunk.She loves shoes, hugs, kisses, herding cats and chewing everything in sight.


ZolaZola is my baby girl, she cuddles under the blankets and gives me the loves when I get home from work.
Zelena - Athena - Kane - ArtemisI have 4 amazing dogs that each help me in different ways with my epilepsy. Athena will be 11 years old in August, Zelena is 5 years old, Kane is 3 years old, and Artemis is 7 years old. They are all the same breed English Shepherd. The picture of them is left-right for the names.

Miss Ava

Miss AvaMy little Ava is only 3 lbs. and is very timid, but at times can be very sassy! Loves her bed and is very possessive of her food ! Love her a lot!!


BostonShe will celebrate her 1st Birthday on July 20.


MellyMelly is a few months away from being 2 years old. He is a Rough collie x golden retriever, and this is his favourite thing to do.


DerekDerek... Where does one even begin? Loving, gentle, and cuddly are just a few words that describe him. He enjoys adventures outside on our acreage and naps in the sun. Captured in this photo you see him ready for a summer roadtrip on our bike. Biker kitty here we come! ✌️


Kaos9 year old Great Dane. Loves food , car rides and camping.


SadieMy dog is full of energy. She's got a beautiful smile.


BuddyBuddy is such a handsome, sweet, patient, calm and loving boy. He fills up hearts with so much love. He loves going to work, cuddling, truck rides and walks. He is simply the best boy and the best company ❤️????❤️????


BruceBruce is our favourite, young loving cuddler. He is almost 1. He came into my life when I needed him most. I couldn’t imagine my life without him.


PetroThis little beautiful guy came into my life at around 3.5 years old. I found him at the gas tanks one freezing February day. He was love at first sight. He ended up losing the tip of one ear but his adventurous spirit started young. If he was on someone’s truck engine or what he was a curious little bundle of joy and love. He likes to throw himself around this one hole at the farm like spin around it and throw himself. What made him come up with that idea. We don’t know. But he reminded me and dug out the hardness life has been to me and opened my heart back up again. He is such a joy to my other animals and brought everyone’s energy level back up. He was an angel kitty sent at just the right time. Never had a baby like him.


ScullyHe’s the most loving, loyal boy to his mamma. He loves new adventures and his friends Rambo and Meeka. He’s a fierce protector of his mamma. He loves truck rides, waddles in boundary damn, soccer/basketballs, treats, and his big black chair. He will be ten in September so he deserves the spotlight. He’s my unconditional best friend and I love him so much.


HarperHarper is the most lovable 2.5 year old lab who loves lake life!


BellaBella is a very high energy, fun loving, cuddly girl she loves to play ball inside and outside ,this starts as soon as she gets up in the morning, she has a treasure basket of toys and she plays with pretty much all of them, and her lamb chops is another favourite she loves her human family and is a really sweet girl Bella is not a barker unless she is alerting you on something like the day she spotted two deer in front of her favourite window where she has her own soft bench to which she can check out what is happening outside. Bella is three years old.


MiloMilo is a fun loving, energetic, crazy, sometimes very weird pup. He loves everyone , and when he sees anyone he gets super excited. He loves his car rides, walks and of course his cuddles. He also loves getting new toys , but I think he actually loves seeing how quick he can tear those toys apart even more. We love his goofy personality and he is just like having another kid around.


Tomorrow, during the 8 o'clock hour, we will be announcing the winner, who will receive $50 gift cards to both All Creatures and Rodeo Dawg!

Stay tuned to to find out who will be crowned the Perfect Pet of July. Thank you to all the participants, and may the love for our pets continue to shine all summer long!