The Perfect Pet Contest in May is one for the record books!!!

With over 50 submissions, Estevan's pet owners have showcased their remarkable companions in all their adorable glory. From charming dogs to elegant cats and a variety of other beloved pets, it's clear that our community is filled with extraordinary animal companions.

Here are all the pets that have a chance to win $50 gift cards to both All Creatures and Rodeo Dawg


AngelAngel is my best friend!!


MikkiMy name is Mikki. I am a 7 year Mi-Ki. I love going to work with my Mom.


OdinOdin is a 7 month old Welsh Pembroke Corgi. Odin loves the snow as he will dig in and bury himself. Loves to chase fetch and will lead you with his leash when needs to go in or out of the house. Loves to be my back seat driver.


HankHank is a 3 year old frenchie with a big heart, loves to cuddle. He bigger than thinks he is, always willing to give kisses and doesn’t mind getting dressed up for an occasion!


ChinookChinook is an energetic 10 year old White german shepherd x! She’s ready for nicer weather so she can spend countless hours sun bathing and trying to catch birds! She one happy dog!


BiancaShe is a Maltese/shitzu mix. She is small, 5 lbs of cuteness. Even though she is 9 years old she still looks like a puppy! She is pee pad trained and will pee on command. She sometimes fakes it! She is so easy to travel with. She has a purse style travel bag and when you set it on the floor, she jumps in and it is pretty hard to get her out before you get to the destination!


WillowWillow is a Great Pyrenees crossed with lab and is 3 years old. I got her when covid hit and she became my best friend. She came to high school with me a few days and when she stayed home, I was always excited to get home and see her. She also came to Saskatoon with me for 2 years for college. I've had her since she was 8 weeks and now she is and will forever be my best friend.


GabriellaPurebred chihuahua. She is a princess who love attention.


DukeVery good boy when he's not jumping the fence. He's an 8 year old Rotti/ husky/lab.


Phoebe"Bug?! Where?!" No bug can get past Phoebe. She will continue looking for a fly she watched you kill an hour ago.


PebblesPebbles is a super vocal cat who loves to cuddle and play, he loves his treats and he is the best photo model ever. He always finds something to meow about even though sometimes I don’t know what it is.


DianeDiane is a firemouth cichlid, a species native to Central America. We have had her for 6.5 years. I wouldn’t call her a perfect pet, as her cichlid temperament is at an extreme high. She was a total bully to every other fish she has been with, so now she lives by herself. What she lacks in social skills, she certainly makes up for with her beautiful colours.


PeachSo this is the Best Pet ever because Peach is not ours.She belongs to a beautiful little girl down our alley.But she has took a liking to us and visits all summer,I'm sure she has many friends. She is very vocal when wanting your attention.So if they worry when she is gone for long periods.Tbey should know she is just 3 houses down hunting my birds.And well looked after.We all love her at the end of the Alley♥️Hope the little girl wins the pest contest♥️

Gabe Newell

Gabe NewellGabe is a goofy boy and loves to play hide and seek


LillyLilly is a border collie/blue heeler/Australian shepherd cross. She loves working on the farm and going for adventures. She is a very protective big sister to our son who was born in February of this year. She's a great little dog and I love her to bits!


MollySuch a playful, excited kitty growing into a Caesar-loving couch potato! ????


Bailee10 week old Black and Tan Pomeranian 2.2lbs


JaxJax is a 2 year old pup, we got him when our kangal got pregnant and he was one of the pups. He is very energetic and is a big house dog, lol


RubyThis is Ruby, our Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is a very big 90some pound baby. She’s got a big personality and an even bigger attitude, if you don’t rush over to let her give you kisses when you get home she’ll make sure the neighbours know all about it. Some of her favourite pass times include going for walks, playing with her big 5ft rope and grazing the grass in the backyard like a cow. But that doesn’t mean she wont pass up the opportunity to bust a nap and literally snore a few hours away.


TankTank is a mini dachshund, he is turning 1 at the end of the month of May. He loves being outside and around people. When he sees other dogs he tries to act big and tough but he’s the smallest and sweetest little boy around.


EllieShe just came to us unexpectedly. We were on another breeders waitlist that was a year long out of Alberta but somebody made a post about needing to find a home to rehome their 12 week old puppy that was a Bernese mountain dog that we always wanted and we jumped right in and got her within 5 hours of messaging about our interest. She loves outside and licks the dew off the grass every morning. She’s gonna be a big girl!


Moo-ciferMoo-cifer is a 3.5 yr old Chihuahua. A dive, who has to be the center of attention over his 2 sister cats. He enjoys car rides, going out for snacks, such as hamburgers and ice cream. When outdoors, avoids getting dirt on himself, doesn't like the breeze and will run from flying insects. Moo-cifer is my best furbaby.

Paxton(black), Bitty(brown)

Paxton(black), Bitty(brown)Oh these two. The sweetest most loving creatures. Sadly, we lost Paxton in early January but at almost 15 he had the best life. Miss Bitty is still full of love and kisses and has adjusted to life as an only 'child'


HarperHarper can’t wait for swimming season!


EarlEarl! Everyone loves him, he is the goofiest Grass Puppy around! He spends his days grazing on grass, crawling under fences to escape to greener pastures. He loves attention and scratches from his human momma.


PigPig is a very special boy who fits his name well. He loves to eat and dig in the dirt. He is a big baby who likes to cuddle,lick your nose and ride around on my shoulders. He is a character for sure and I wouldn't trade him for anything.


FifeFife is an 11 year old Deerhead Chihuahua. I got him from a rescue in 2017 and he’s been my tiny little fur baby ever since. He loves basking in the sun and snuggling up on the couch after dinner. 5lbs of pure love.


MooseWhen I seen his adoption post I couldn’t stop looking and I just knew he was the one for us! He makes me laugh and smile so much! He enjoys his walks, his games when he knows I will chase him cause he has something he shouldn’t, his Jeep rides and his treats! We spoil him with many many toys, beds, blankets!


JaiseLovable littleJaise!!:no different than a we child. Wants to be touching or laying on nn


PearlPearl is the most gentle soul I have met in a dog. She has so much love to give and helps me look after foster cats and dogs. Plus she comes visit classrooms with me, so we can educate children about animals.


StarkStark is a 110lb teddy bear who loves lounging and eating pup cups from Dairy Queen. You can find Stark buried in a snow bank in the winter or lounging on the tile floor in the A/C in the summer. He’s doesn’t enjoy long walks on the beach or sunsets (actually doesn’t enjoy long walks anywhere or the sun in general) but he loves cool evenings and the all things snow and ice which makes him the perfect Saskatchewan dog!


GwenivereGwenivere is our one year old golden doodle fur baby! Gwen loves being brushed, pet, bathed and played with. Gwen hates food most of the time (that’s the poodle in her coming through) and she brings our family so much love and joy ❤️

Roxy and Willow

Roxy and WillowRoxy age 7 and Willow age 2 enjoying some sun. Both dogs are English Springers and enjoy playing in the water, camping and chasing birds.


BaileyBailey is the most cuddly shih tzu. She is 12 years old getting a little cranky in her old age, she doesn’t get along well with other dogs, but loves attention from people. She likes short walks in the morning and long ones in the evening.


CallieCallie is the best companion ever. She keeps me company and snuggles when I need her to. She loves to go for walks and play with her ball. Life would be so boring without her.


EllieEllie is a 2 year old Rottweiler. She loves going to happy smiles daycare to play with her friends and is a great big sister to her Boston terrier brother hobbs. She is down for waddling through the river, playing ball, going for walks, and lazy Sunday mornings. She loves everyone and every dog. She will be in her favorite place all summer… the pool!


MercuryDon't tell him he's a pet as he thinks he's a child! He is super hyper, loves cookies and car rides. He goes on the kayak with me and is happiest off leash running his heart out!

Hazel Grace

Hazel GraceShe is in love with her Lambchop Stuffie.


ViktorViktor is a 6 year golden retriever that we were sooo lucky to adopt! He is so kind, gentle and very loveable! He loves constant attention. His favorites are head scratches, belly rubs and cuddles. He will constantly put his paw on your arm to get attention. He is the sweetest thing ever.


NevilleWe adopted Neville 2 months ago. He has learnt so much since he has come to live with us From playing with balls to car rides. He’s still afraid of people but we are getting lots better. This weekend we went on a country cruise and Neville got to go for a walk and sniff new things.


LenaLena is a 2 1/2 year old German Shepherd who loves going to visit Auntie Dawn at All Creatures!


BrianBrian was our foster fail. My daughter brought him home from a friend that couldn't keep him . We said we'd take him for 2 weeks , 3 years later he's still here and fully bonded with us and his furry brother Fíonn. On a side note .. said daughter has moved out lol


FíonnFíonn has been with us 7 years .. he's a complete snuggle bug that loves the sunshine .. if there's a beam of sun on the floor vfrom the window that's where you'll find him. He's a big guy who thinks he's a lap dog but at 95 lbs that doesn't always work especially when I'm only 5ft2 lol. Love this guy


WalleWalle is a 1-year-old toy poodle with all bark and no bite. He loves to cuddle and REALLY loves to give kisses, if you play with him he’ll be your best friend but be careful cause he will not leave you alone afterwards. He’s weird like that.


LuckyThis is our kitten, Lucky! He was rescued in a snowstorm on 4th Street this past December. After some veterinary care, we were able to adopt Lucky and welcome him into our hearts and home!


ArnieArnie is a border collie/basset hound. He’s 1… He loved everyone & is infatuated with playing fetch! He’s recently discovered he’s a beach bum - chasing his ball & frisbee! He’s been a great addition to our household ????


SallySally is a mixed breed pup and I've had her since she was 10 weeks old. She is now 17 1/2 years old and has always been a very important member of the family. She loves walks and naps in the sun.


SkyeShe’s adorable quiet and cuddly


FerdinandFerdinand (Ferdy) is a stop and smell the flowers kind of guy. He comes in every time he sees me for pets and love. He is my best friend and follows me everywhere. He loves his oats after his training session. He is my best friend and I wouldn't trade him for any other horse.


FredMeet Fred ! He is the last kitten of a litter that we had on our acreage, he is definitely spoiled. He enjoys his soft food treat for breakfast and supper! He loves the attention and obviously his comfy bed!


DieselDiesel is the sweetest boy ever and super photogenic! He loves meeting new people, kids, dogs and cats. He sometimes gets over excited when he sees a potential new friend and screams/cries for their attention. He will be turning 2 next month and is hoping to have another birthday party with all his 2 and 4 legged friends and family!


ShadowShadow is our rescue puppy. Just about two years old and is very hyper, energetic and friendly. He loves cheese. He’s very protective us, not a squirrel can come within 50 feet of our house, and tried to warn us when someone was breaking into my parents garage. He loves playing catch, and having us chase him around the yard, especially when we are trying to got to school/work. He is very loved in our house and it hasn’t been the same since he walked into our house and our hearts.


KodaKoda is an almost 8 month old mastiff. He loves going to Hapoy Smiles Pet Resort e ery Friday for some play time. Sleeps with his human siblings every night, loves his treats and belly scratches.


BaileeBailee is a red golden retriever who’s a crazy sweetheart that makes everyday fun


GordyGordy believes he is human. He has different barks to tell us what he wants and is just the most handsome boy! He deserves to be Pet of the Month.


MayaWe rescued this adorable little gem a year ago, and she has been the light of our lives.


LarsLars likes his sleep and looking out the window. When he wants treats he taps me on my back or shoulder.


PlutoShe is a bearded dragon that I got from Regina. She was surrendered to them. I have had her for a year and absolutely love her!! This is her model pose! Lol She is very lazy and doesn’t do much. We like to sleep in in weekends! I love taking her out of her cage and spending time just chilling with her!




SadieWell my dog Sadie she's one of a kind she's a border collie cross she has short legs. One thing I noticed she is very smart she brings my shoes up every night so when I get up to work they're there for me.


GabbieShe is a full blown Yorkshire Terrior, 9 years old and loves life, she is literally like a kid and is always there for you and offers lots of love and cuddles.


LettiLetti is our little rescue cat; she was abandoned with her two sisters. She has quickly won over everyone’s hearts! She is in love with my granddaughter and is by her side every waking moment! They’re inseparable ❤️

Daisy Tremblay

Daisy tremblayShe loves the sun and being outdoors.


GooseJust got a hair cut and he was feeling fly!

Thank you to all the participants who shared their beloved pets with us in the May Perfect Pet Contest.

The winner will be announced by Dawn Klassen from All Creatures just after the 8 AM news on Tuesday morning, receiving $50 gift cards to both All Creatures and Rodeo Dawg!