Businesses will be looking for help breaking down exactly what the new federal budget means, which the Estevan Chamber of Commerce will be happy to give.

Some of the items in the federal budget, released on Tuesday, including some changes to regulations and subsidies, could cause confusion.

The document's thick, so Executive Director Jackie Wall is taking her time to make sure she goes over it well.

"I've just had a chance to skim over everything and there is definitely means and the need to dig deeper into that budget and look at what all of those numbers mean and what all of the new regulations mean to private business owners and we have encouraged our business members to do that."

That includes changes to credit card charges for businesses coming with the budget.

"I would encourage all businesses that accept credit cards to take a look at what the new legislations are and then also make sure they are connecting with their credit card suppliers in order to make sure that they understand exactly the changes that are moving forward and have been previously announced."

She also levied criticism on the grocery rebate which was a key point in the federal government's release.

"$250, that doesn't buy a lot of groceries. I think there are other ways that governments and communities can take a look at how we are going to address the increases that are happening in, our groceries and you know, one of the contributing factors that a lot of people don't think about is the carbon tax. The carbon tax hits every level of the supply chain and it's hitting the producers of these products within our country."

"Perhaps we need to like take a look at exactly what is in our food prices, how much it is being taxed, and how we can take a look at a different way of providing reliable and economic food to the people in our country."

She says that people should be looking for accountability and transparency in these budgets.

"I think the biggest thing about budgets is they are a projection, especially when you're talking on the revenue side and the taxation and how that is going to play out. I really think that Canadians need to take a look at what governments announce, what they follow through on, and I think we should demand more transparency and more accountability."