Every pet is perfect in its own way and so we are pleased to be able to shine the spotlight on some of Estevan's many perfect pets!

Here are the entries for the March Perfect Pet Contest.


BootsieBootsie is a rescue cat from Wawota Animal Resuce. She was born in April of 2022, at 5 months old she broke her leg and was in a cast, 6 months after that she had to under go major surgery because her pancreas and intestines were fused together. This was something she was born with, and is very common in small animals. Thankfully Bootsie made it through the surgery and she is a happy healthy 5lb cat. She does not make a peep, she loves her cuddles and purrs like crazy but she does love her treats, all you have to say is "sit pretty"


Fynn is 3 years old. he is a mix beteeen australian shepherd & bermese mountain dog. he loves to cuddle, he loves bones, he loves his stuffed animal lamb chomps, he loves to run to our neighbours and check on the cows for them. he is very playful and friendly, he would never hurt a fly❤️


FreyaFreya is a Silver fox rabbit. This heritage breed is usually bred for meat but when I saw the breed at a rabbit show and how big they got and how docile they were I decided I wanted one as a pet so this is how I acquired Freya. She is a very loved part of my fluffle (a group of rabbits)


ApolloApollo is my best friend. He is a big dog but likes to sit on my lap and be cuddled. He is loyal and loves to play fetch. He is the best dog!


PeterPeter is a lovable, attention hog. His favourite activities are napping, eating, playing with his sister and snuggling.


DigitDigit is a cheeky lap dog type of horse. His favourite activities include; eating whatever he can find, playing with his best friend George and stealing things from your pocket and running away.


She is very fast,has a cute little nose that wiggles a lot,and is our family night owl.


CynderCynder is a mini/toy Australian Shepard She is 16 months old. she loves her squeak toys and her play time. She welcomes you with a super big smile and the curl of her little body and wags with her little tail. She is quite smart and a very social puppy whether you are human or not.


MaxMax is a 1.5 year old blue heeler/australian shepherd/border collie mix. He was our 4H farm families cattle dog. However he decided he was to good for work and wanted to retire. I scooped him up because... well he's cute! The picture will make you agree! Max is a loving and cuddly pooch that loves to give you multiple boops to the snoot each day. A year ago, my daughter was holding him at a petting zoo during a Lampman fun days event and said she wanted to keep him. Little did we know we would be joining their browning 4H club and he would be our dog. His owner posted that he was needing a new home as he was not a working dog(compared to his siblings) when it was time to move cows, he would run back to the house and stay. I figured it would be the perfect dog for my dad. Well... we had an adoption fail. He stole our hearts and became the new family addition to his 2 furry siblings. He is funny, energetic(when he wants to be) and is living his best life in retirement ( at the ripe old age of 2 years old ) I chose max to be the perfect pet over our current dogs because of his story and journey to being the reason our kids fight over who sleeps with him each night and our 4H family will Know that he is living his best life in retirement.


SkyShe's a 3 month old terrier mix with the most beautiful blue eyes. I adopted her through Angels of Hope in Esterhazy a couple weeks ago. She's playful, cuddly & learning quickly.


RussellA four year old Bug(Boston Terrier/Pug X). Best companion a man could want. Makes work a lot of fun.


SophieHi, my name is Sophie. I’m a year old long haired chihuahua and my absolute favourite things are my lambchop toy and cat rides.


OscarOscar is a two year old mixed breed cat. He’s got a big heart and an even bigger tummy. He’s a sweetheart who wouldn’t raise a single claw to anyone. Loves treats, belly rubs and his scratching post.


MiloMilo is a three year old tabby cat. A real trouble maker, he loves to pick fights with the other animals in the house, especially his little brother. In love with attention and cuddles, he’s sweet but mischievous.

Zig-Zag (Ziggy)

Zig-Zag (Ziggy)He(or she we are unsure) is a 2 year old corn snake we got from Regina when he was just the size of a tiny little worm. We love him a lot and just recently moved him to his new bigger home that he loves to explore and play in. Even though he’s a snake he has a huge curious personality and even without arms and legs he lives exploring!

Fred & Barney

Fred & BarneyThis is Fred and Barney! They are parakeets and are pretty cool birds They like to fly around the room and kids love playing with them.

Zada, Emma, & Niko

Zada, Emma, & NikoZada is our guard dog. Emma is our nanny dog and Wizer is the cutest newest addition. They all love ppl, other dogs and especially kids!


PacoHe’s a 6 year old sun conjure named Paco. When he isn’t terrorizing his toys in cage, he likes to sit on his perch and be our alarm system. Letting us know when someone walks by or pulls up. He also loves giving the ladies of the house kisses.


PepperPepper is a 12-year-old Dachshund. Loves to eat and sleep.


TuckerTucker is a Westie who doesn’t have owners he has staff, except for our granddaughter who loves to dress him up and he loves her right back❤️

Chase Webb

Chase WebbGerman shepard husky mix, 8 years old, very energetic, loves being pet, very loving.


CocoaCocoa has to be the prettiest pet in Estevan. She is high energy German Wirehaired x with a German shorthair. You just have to vote for this ball of fur.


BubblesHer name is bubbles and she is a very timid scary cat lol got her fixed and now she's a snuggle bug.


MaxxMaxx is the first pet to join our family. My oldest son and him are inseparable! He is now 8 and they are still joined at the hip. He is such a loving boy and wants all the attention he can get!


MochaShe is a very high energy girl that will always bring the ball back. All day. She loves to snuggle and give hugs all the time.

6 dogs: Sugar, Smarty, Nippi, Junior, MrGrey, & Oliver

6 dogs. Sugar. Smarty. Nippi. Junior. MrGrey. OliverMy Daughter Monroe and her 6 dogs finished the 6 dog 50 mile race in the Canadian Challenge Dog Sled race taking 3rd place out of 5 teams.


HazelHazel is a very energetic puppy who loves to go outside and play. She loves interacting with other dogs.


RoxyShe is beautiful, friendly and kind soul. She is also the best flower bed guard dog you could ask for. Like Ferdinand the bull, she just wants to smell the flowers.


ZhiaShe loves watching the fish. She has sn amazing personality and loves cuddles.


TyrTry is a Netherland dwarf rabbit and the stud of my breeding program.


ElectroElectro is a great friend and loves his new home.


RosaRosa was rescued from a farm where her siblings were killed except two by another cat. She is always smiling as you can see. She loves cuddles and is the best cat In the world. She loves watching the fish also.


NadiaNadia named after the Russian gymnast staying in shape. Lol


NicoThis adorably cute little guy loves his flower and has a silhouette of the Easter bunny on his side.


KadenKaden is a loving cuddly boy who I saved right before Halloween. Happy Easter!


JettJett is 10 weeks old, he is a ball of energy, but when he sleeps, he passes right out!


SydneySome might describe me as a little reckless, but Iim actually just a big ball of love, silliness!


10-month-old baby Tika is a very curious little girl. She loves destroying her toys and bird hunting. Tika can do tricks for treats, shake a paw, give knuckles and lay down.


RikerRiker is a six month old Ausidoodle who hates bathtime! Don’t let this sweet face fool you- moments ago he was climbing up his mom trying to get out of the tub! Now that he’s free from that wet prison, he’s working up some next-level zoomies.


OliverOliver was found in a cattle barn and wasn’t likely to make it. I adopted him at 3 weeks old and nursed him back to health. He is now a healthy 2 year old and brings us so much joy. Oliver deserves the best life possible after all he has been through to survive.


TriggerTrigger is a Wire-Haired Fox Terrier. He is sneaky and will escape any chance he gets. Everyone he meets is his favorite person. He also has 0 respect for personal space.


RJRJ is my granddog. He is the most gentle German Shepard who in the picture was waiting for his mom to bring a fish into the boat so he had a playmate. Can’t imagine our life without him coming for visits.


KodaKoda is almost 6 months old and a Doubull Mastiff. He loves his human siblings and human parents. He enjoys taking up tyke entire love seat or couch for his naps.


KiddeeHer hobbies include …. Going in and out of house over 100 times a day Wrecking furniture Waking us up Leaving dead rodents at door Knocking things on floor Drinking out of water glasses….. She’s perfect and we love her.

There are a lot of pets to choose from, but there can only be one "Perfect Pet" in March!

The winner will be announced on March 28 just after 8 AM on CJ1150, Sun102, & Rock106.