The five day forecast is calling for above-seasonal temperatures for much of this week.

"We have a big ridge of high pressure that's building over western Canada, and that's thanks to an atmospheric river that's hitting the coast of BC, so that pumps the jet stream to the north, which puts us on the warm side of the jet stream," said Meteorologist with Environment Canada, Terri Lang.

She said this results in southwesterly winds, which are warm and dry.

"They're Chinook winds. They'll live up to their name, as Chinook means 'snow-eater', so we'll probably see a lot of the snowpack go over the next few days, with temperatures running above the freezing mark."

The average daytime temperatures for this time of year are minus three and average overnight lows around minus 13.

"So we're running well above average, but the temperatures will dip below the freezing mark in the night time, so that'll make for problematic things on the roads with the freeze-thaw cycle, so people should be watching for black ice because of that," she warned. 

Black ice, however, Lang said, is difficult to see.

"We have to look for that glistening, and it can be very problematic when you're driving because the road actually looks wet, but it actually might be freezing rain instead," she said. So we just have to be really careful and in the winter I always walk with ice cleats. I'm never walking without my ice cleats just because of how slippery it can be."

She said the ice cleats, which are the 'best thing since sliced bread', are easy enough to find at places such as Costco.  

However, anyone who can wait to drive, should put off plans if possible.

"Certainly with freezing rain coming through with a freeze-thaw cycle, it's just better to wait for the temperatures to to go above freezing, cause then you know it won't be as slippery."

As for the forecasted high of 11 degrees this Friday, Lang said this is 'a little bit optimistic'. 

"Even in good Chinook conditions, when there's snow on the ground, the ground just can't heat up that much, so I think you'll see that temperature come a little bit closer to reality as the next sets of forecast come out. So the 11 I think looks a little bit anomalous because it would be a record temperature," she noted.

With the five-day forecast being computer-generated, Lang added that it serves to show us the trends. "Is it warmer? Is it colder? Is that going to be drier or is it going to be wetter, as opposed to, 'you said it was going to be 11 degrees on Friday!' So just don't go with the exact numbers, just look for the trend." 

Find the forecast HERE.