Anyone who's been enjoying the unseasonable weather here in Estevan may have seen some of the decorations adorning the downtown area.

These festive sights are set up around 4th and 5th Street, to help entice some customers and spread a bit of Christmas cheer.

That's being organized by the Downtown Business Association, which includes many of the shops in Estevan's downtown.

One of those members is Jenny Pettitt, the owner of Jenny Joans.

She says the decorations have done a lot to help add some showmanship to the downtown area.

"So far people have been kind of dazzled by it, by how pretty they look," said Pettit, "They're quite showy, we've only just started having them put up. Once they're all installed and lit up they're going to be really showy."

Setting up those decorations has been a lot of work for many of the volunteers from the Downtown Business Association, as Pettitt says.

"It takes a bit of resource and everyone involved with the Business Improvement District and the Downtown Business Association is a volunteer," said Pettitt, "So it's all on volunteer time. So it takes a bit of planning and a bit of work to install these things."

Pettitt says she's thankful for what has so far been a very mild winter since that's helped them get more work done.

"The weather gave us a chance to get these up," said Pettitt, "I think we're going to be going hard to get all of them back up."

Pettitt thanked the team from Energy Electric for helping out with installing the decorations.